Which Are You In Your Crew?

We have launched our line of WHICH ARE YOU? T-Shirts that give funny descriptions of who we are as individuals inside our crews AND we are also getting you all involved in the selection of those descriptions for each other. Many of us have a group or many groups of family and friends that we communicate with on a consistent or maybe even not so consistent basis and we all serve a role, some the same, some different within those groups. Our WHICH ARE YOU t-shirts describe members of our Family, Friends, Siblings and Cousins sometimes almost to a T.

Now the 2 big questions are out of all of the given words, WHICH ARE YOU and does your crew feel the same way too?

Sign up your crew to participate in our new ZOOM Game Show, WHICH ARE YOU? We will hold one WHICH ARE YOU? Zoom show each month where the members of a crew select a word that best describe themselves AND the crew as a whole vote on a word that best describes each of their crew members. At the show we will compare the chosen descriptions. The goal is to see if you view yourself in the same way as your crew. Now this should be interesting and FUN!

Up to 10 game show participants will receive a free t-shirt with the word they chose to describe themselves to wear during the show. No one will know who chose what until we all join the ZOOM and it is revealed. We will be taking notes to record the percentage of those who guessed it right to see who really knows their crew.

The Zoom Game Show will be recorded and the results will be posted on our YouTube & IGTV Channels. You must sign up and we will hold a drawing the month before to decide who’s CREW will be featured at the next show. Our first official show will take place in October. Contact us for more information.

From time to time we will also feature Photoshoot Reveals from different Crews. Use the same form to sign up for a Photoshoot Reveal.

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