Upscale Queen Founder & CEO, Jahmeela

Self-Care is a priority and necessity. Not a luxury.

UPSCALE YOU Self-Care Club

"Make You a Priority!"

Hello my friends, I'm Jahmeela, the founder of Upscale Queen and we just made 5 years of being in business. So grateful for our first five and looking forward to our next five!! Since we were founded, I've always worked 2 jobs, a full-time and the business, and I do not stop long enough to think about my mental health and well-being. Well I made the decision to develop better self-care habits because that has been an area I have struggled in. I started researching different ways I could promote self-care and discovered that there are so many easy ways to help me disconnect and reset every single day. So I'm inviting you all to come along with me on my Self-Care Journey. I will share my findings and ideas with you and I ask that you do the same and we can help each other reach our next level of self-care.

To help us get started, I have created a UPSCALE YOU Self-Care Box that includes: Jelly Tote, Affirmation Jar, Affirmation Storage Bag, Self-Care Weekly Tracker, Mini Pocket Journal, Motivational Silicon Bracelet, Motivational Keychain and optional Self-Care Mug, Organic Calm Chamomile Tea and T-Shirt.

My hope is that the tools in this box will help you jumpstart your self-care routine or be a great addition to your current regimen.

Alright y'all, let's get this self-care party started!

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