My hope is that the tools in our box will help you jumpstart your self-care routine or be a great addition to your current regimen.

Below is a description of what's inside our UPSCALE YOU Self-Care Box. It includes the following:

1. Jelly Tote (used to store your self-care swag)

2. Affirmation Jar (jar of self-care quotes that can be pulled out and read everyday for a daily dose of motivation)

3. Affirmation Storage Bag (bag to store self-care quotes that can be used to reload Affirmation Jar, also can be used to store other swag)

4. Self-Care Weekly Tracker (tracker of self-care actions that show you how well you are practicing self-care techniques)

5. Mini Pocket Journal (can go inside your purse to write down prayers, things you are grateful for and/or goals)

6. Motivational Silicon Bracelet (wear as a reminder of how awesome you are)

7. Motivational Keychain (carry on your keys as a reminder of how awesome you are)

Optional Add-Ons:

1. Self-Care Mug with cover and spoon (cute mug with self-care actions on it to give you a little reminder to do something for YOU today)

a. Organic Calm Chamomile Tea (recommend that you drink this on day one as you fill out the first day on your self-care tracker and write in your mini pocket journal)

2. In My Self-Care Era T-Shirt (wear on the day you chose engage in a Self-Care Activity)

Alright y'all, let's get this self-care party started! Click here to order your box.

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